Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you, Howard Dean

Dean made it happen. He was the one who pushed a 50-state strategy, giving insiders heart attacks and frightening the geniuses who crafted Kerry's surgical-strike victory in 2004. (Oh, wait. He lost.)

Dean was the one who said that we had to go for victories everywhere - not just in the key battleground states. Dean funneled money out into small legislative battles and forgotten districts. And today, we have new Democratic Senators in places like Montana and Missouri. They won 28 seats when they only needed 15. They could have poured money into just those 15 seats that looked like sure wins. But they ran a 50-state strategy. The Repubs were forced to play defense in areas they never expected (Idaho! Florida! Eastern Washington!) Dean spread them thin and took the battle.

At first, they said he was crazy. Now the label of "genius" belongs not to Karl Rove, but Howard Dean.


spudchick said...

I could not possibly agree more. You won't see a lot of credit given him since the same leadership who led us into a decade of darkness and misery and kept us there are now patting themselves on the back for leading us out of it. But it would never ever have happened without Howard Dean.

I gave so deep this year I'm still paying it off, and Huzzah! it was worth it. But I didn't give a dime of that money to the DSCC or DCCC, especially after that nonsense with Paul Hackett. I gave it to the kinds of progressive candidates and PACs that came into being with people like Dean, primarily DFA.

I want someone to set up a ThankYouHowardDean website really badly, like the one that went up when Colbert told some ugly truths at the White House press dinner.

Thanks for giving credit where it's due!

Sky Bluesky said...

I'm glad to see that ol' Howard is getting some credit out there in the real world media. Now he's flying over to Britain to teach the Labour party how to make it happen.

Madeleine Powers said...

God I love that man.