Saturday, November 04, 2006

Magic in the Heart

Above all remember this: that magic belongs as much to the heart as to the head and everything which is done, should be done from love or joy or righteous anger.

I am in possession of the new collection of short stories by Susanna Clarke.

Susanna Clarke is one of the few writers who genuinely excites me. Her first epic novel, "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell," was one of those rare books that not only creates a whole new world, but it did so out of the familiar surrounds of England and the British Isles. Napoleon, Lord Byron, the Duke of Wellington, and other historical figures were swept into Clarke's world of magic gone underground and brought back to use in spectacular fashion. It is a book I intend to read again and again, once a year as the need presents itself.

(Susanna Clarke also inspires a person to say things like "I am in possession of ..." rather than "I bought the new book down at the Costco, in between the chicken breasts and the Brita water filters.")

I'll let you know my verdict after I've read the entire thing. Don't be too anxious. I intend to savor this little book of magical tales. Now that I have another gateway into Clarke's world, I'm looking forward to settling down in it for a while.

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Ryan D said...

just wanted to say i agree with your take on ms. clarke's writing...the cover of the JS&Mr.N drew my attention and I have been a HUGE fan ever since...I have also read the "Ladies" and found it to be equally entrancing...did you know they are adapting JS&Mr.N into a movie being released sometime this year? can't wait and i'm sure you can't either.