Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Caucasing for Edwards

Now that Washington has had its totally meaningless beauty-contest primary, I guess I should let you know what I did during my state's caucus a couple of weeks ago.

On February 9th, I went down to my caucus location with one goal: to stand up for my man John Edwards.

Our precinct breakdown on the first vote: 24 Obama, 3 Clinton, 1 Edwards (yours truly), and 3 uncommitted.

Final tally: 26 Obama, 1 uncommitted, 1 Edwards, 3 Clinton.

I did my little one-minute speech for Edwards. No one changed their vote, but a couple of people came up afterwards. Edwards had a lot of support in the room, but no one besides me was willing to put it on the line.

Did Edwards get any delegates? Nope. I don't even think they counted caucus votes for Edwards.

Was it worth it? Hell yes. I was a Dean supporter in 2004, but chickened out and supported Kerry because of the whole electability crap. I felt liberated this time by voting for the candidate I really supported.
Obama didn't need my vote, and Edwards deserved it.

I still think Edwards was and continues to be the best candidate on the issues, but I'm coming around to believing that Obama is the best candidate for this race, for our nation right now, at this moment in history. We need a genuine uniter, someone who can change the dynamic and the way we're perceived around the world. Obama is the only one who can do it.

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