Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Brightest Diamond - you're freaking kidding me.

So My Brightest Diamond has blown my mind.

Her first album is stunning and amazing. Operatic, powerful vocals, weird songs, great and unusual structures. Brilliant stuff. Shara Worden (who is My Brightest Diamond) spent time in Sufjan Stevens' band, so she knows a thing or two about creative song structures.

So what does she do then? She releases Tear It Down, which is a remix album. Yeah - remixes of every song of her album, with multiple remixes of a couple of songs.

I don't have to tell you this, but it's incredible.

So I'm poking around YouTube, and I find videos of her performing the following songs live in concert:

"Use Me" - Bill Withers
"No Quarter" - Led Zeppelin
"It's Over" - Roy Orbison
"Joy in Repetition" - Prince (it's from Graffiti Bridge)
"Be My Husband" - Nina Simone (I'm not sure if she wrote it, but she did the definitive version)
"Youkali" - Kurt Weill

ETA: I've added links to the YouTube videos, because it was cheap and lazy of me not to do that. Some of the videos (Youkali, Be My Husband) are crap, but it's worth it just to hear her.

So yeah, it's possible she's a goddess. It's a possibility. Anyway, go check her out if you've never heard her name before. My. Brightest. Diamond.

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Bob said...

I was driving past St. Cloud on the way back to Grand Forks in early 2007 and naturally turned over to 88.1 KVSC and heard Shara Worden's mesmerizing voice.

At the completion of the first song on her disc Bring Me the Workhorse, Something of an End, the DJ requested caller #1 for free tickets to see her at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis the following weekend. I grabbed the phone and a favorite artist of 2007 was born. Naturally, I won, because I'm a winner. The show was great, aside from my attending with the now ex-girlfriend, who personally did her best to ruin the evening by being herself, which would be ignorant and self-centered. But hey, getting rid of that nuisance is tops on some other list for 2007. Heaven and hell came crashing down.