Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello to Gilly's readers!

And, lest I forget, fuck the fucking Yankees.

(Note: that's not my kid.)

Hi to everyone who came over here from Steve and Jen's blog. Like most - maybe all - of you, I've been anxiously watching Jen's posts and monitoring Gilly's health. I don't know Steve. I've never met him. But he's someone I feel connected to, through the voice on his blog. I know that some people have worried about him losing readers if he spends months rehabbing, but I'll be there. Hope you will, too.

So the story of this blog is pretty simple. I'm a former community organizer for the local affiliate of a national organization (you'd recognize the name), former stay-at-home dad, and I spout here occasionally about politics, the world of non-profits, parenting, and whatever hits my radar.

I have an intense interest in grassroots politics and tend to see a lot of things through that filter. Politics is better when more people are involved, plain and simple. The best thing happening in the Democratic party is that more rank-and-file members are getting involved. John Edwards and Barack Obama impress me because they're really working on motivating their supporters - and not just motivating them to work for their candidacies. They want people to be involved, to give a damn, to pay attention.

I liked this exchange from the Couric interview:

Katie Couric:
Some people watching this would say, "I would put my family first always, and my job second." And you're doing the exact opposite. You're putting your work first, and your family second.

John Edwards:
But this is not work. Work is what I did as a lawyer. This is service. This is... this is a country that I love – both of us love, as much as we love our lives.

Politics should be about serving the country and the greater good, not about craven seeking of power. I haven't decided who I'm supporting for the Dem nomination - it's still very early in the race - but I'm going to go with the candidate who looks most like he's working to make us all better, not just him or herself.

So anyway, welcome to my corner of the blogosphere. Hang around. My little boy is named Oliver, and I talk a fair amount about him. I've railed about ACORN. I live in Seattle, so I occasionally talk about what's going on here (read: the bullshit viaduct debate.) Occasionally, I'll talk music. Look around. Welcome.


David Edward Oliver said...

I feel sorry for that kid because he will never learn good manners or discipline. I mean why wouldn't parents do something. The kid most likely got it from his father who is probably a low class @sshole who gives people the finger regularly. I mean if you are going to flip people the bird make sure your kid doesn't see it or better yet don't do it at all. Kids are watching and they do what they see their parents do....I wish I could strangle all the @ssholes in this world because you need a liscene to own a dog; but any @sshole can be a father. Something is wrong with this picture.

Sky Bluesky said...

I agree with you that the picture is a little odd, and I certainly wouldn't let my kid do that in public. Hell, I don't flip the bird in public. The photo was used for humor's sake - no offense intended to anyone.

Except the Yankees.

Who suck eggs.

You're sending some mixed messages, though, DEO. People ought to raise their kids to have some manners - but you want to murder everyone who you deem to be a bad parent? Does not compute. Anyway, thanks for stopping in.

Stefan said...

This kid is a dutch soccer supporter from Feyenoord. You all might not know this club but if I say that Feyenoord and Ajax have the biggest hooligan gangs in the world you might understand why this little boy gives such stupid reactions.

I am Dutch and an Ajax supporter, but just a normal one ;)

Sky Bluesky said...

Oh, that's where it came from. I just found the original pic (someone Photoshopped in the Red Sox insignias). I know diddley-squat about soccer, so can't comment on the fervor/hooliganism of various teams. But thanks for ID'ing the source of this pic.

And once again, I just used the photo for comic effect. It's a little horrifying that the boy is real, but the logos are digitally altered. Makes me sad for that kid.