Friday, January 12, 2007

More Snow in Seattle

After the big snowstorm on Wednesday night, this was the scene out on our balcony. We easily had five inches of snow out there. Oliver couldn't have been happier. (Well, except for the nasty cold he's suddenly developed.) He was digging his hands into the snow outside his window, carrying handfuls of it around in a little plastic bucket, sprinkling it over his little Fisher Price play house (hey, little people, it's snowing!) We had some puddles on our floor, but who cares. We was enjoying himself.

West Seattle, by far, got the worst of the snowstorm. I bussed into downtown Seattle to work yesterday, and you could hardly tell that it had snowed. Where was some white stuff on bushes and hedges, the streets were bare.

On the other hand, getting out of West Seattle was an adventure. One bus was canceled because of treacherous road conditions. Streets here are still covered with thick ice and frozen snow chunks. The main drag, California Avenue, was plowed at some point on Tuesday night, during the snowstorm. I don't know if it's happened since. The hill next to our apartment is a solid sheet of ice. It's a bobsled run. I've seen three cars on it in two days.

Mrs. B has been off for the last two days. Poor girl - she's had a full week of snow days and various other days off due to power outages. She's going to be in school until mid-July, the way things are going. But she's pretty jittery about driving on the icy roads, and she's got a number of hills on the drive to her school, so she's happy to be home.

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(un)relaxeddad said...

Hi there

Meanwhile, in London, we're beginning to conclude that just as dudelet turns three and (therefore old enough to appreciate snow properly), he'll probably be the first generation here to grow up without it...

Oh, loved the death metal links. I'm prone to a bit Sunn 0))) or Boris first thing in the morning.