Saturday, November 23, 2013

Obliterate Me

I love music. I listen to music constantly - for company, for motivation, for relaxation. And sometimes, when my hamster brain is moving at a frenetic pace, I need music to overwhelm me and take over my senses. There is some music that I listen to because I know it will demolish everything in my head and force me to listen listen listen listen dammit listen.

Music like this has a few basic requirements. It has to want to be played loud. It needs to be busy - every beat needs to be filled up with percussion, guitar, blips, samples, background singing, handclaps, something. It should be relentless. Vocals should not be subtle. Quiet is fine, but it should be intense quiet that builds to something larger and more explosive.

This is a short list I turn to when I need to be obliterated by sound. These are my songs. I want to hear about yours. Let me know in the comments.

Wilco -


"Poor Places"

Radiohead -

"The National Anthem"

Radiohead - The National Anthem(live SNL) from amnesiac440 on Vimeo.

"There There"

Temple of the Dog - "Reach Down"
(Note: this song deserves its own blog post, but I'll write that another day.)

The The - "Boiling Point"

Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop ('til You Get Enough)"

Gang of Four - "Anthrax"

Bob Mould - "Black Sheets of Rain"

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