Sunday, December 06, 2009

Workout Playlist - Dec. 6, 2009

A brutal workout today. I recently created a 40-minute routine on the elliptical machine, which might not sound like a lot to you hardcore workouty types. But it's absolutely punishing to me. And at the same time, incredibly satisfying. I'm dripping with sweat and endorphins right now.

Anyway, the playlist today was just fantastic.

Open Letter (to a Landlord) - Living Colour
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Innervision - System of a Down
Zero - Smashing Pumpkins
Ashes in the Fall - Rage Against the Machine
Date with the Night - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Loud, crushing old-school rawk music full of roaring guitars and screaming vocals. The two exceptions were hip hop songs that both hit like a punch to the jaw. The Kanye song is the perfect right-in-your face song, one of his best. Jagged samples and a weaving, swaggering delivery by Kanye. And that Paris song is just perfection. Great flow, military-precision scratching, relentless beat. One of the greatest rap songs produced in the '80s, maybe ever.


Tanya said...

Are you kidding - 40 mins on the ellipticalis brutal to me too! Love the Yeah Yeahs too.

Sky Bluesky said...

I've got their new song "Zero" on my workout playlist, too. Great great song.

Thanks for backing me up on the workout, Tanya. I was afraid I sounded like some kind of powderpuff.