Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memo re: Hustler

To: the sketchy-looking dude in the pick-up who was driving in front of me this morning

I wish to inform you that the "Hustler" bumper sticker on the back of your truck is not sending the message you intended.

I am sure that you meant to announce to the world that you are a hustler - i.e. someone who hustles, a playa, someone with street smarts, a sharp businessman. A pimp, if you will.

However, the only signal you were sending was that you read Hustler magazine. And we already knew that.




Anonymous said...

Don't be a hatter

Sky Bluesky said...

WTF is a "hatter?"

If you meant "hater," then forget it. I'm a hater. I'm going to hate on dumbasses with "Hustler" bumper stickers. Sue me.

If you meant "asshat," then you're being one right now. Congratulations.

If all you can say is that I'm being a "hater," then maybe you'd better go back to your mom's basement, heat up some of last night's leftovers, sit back down on your broken-ass couch that you bought at Goodwill on sale, watch some Maury Povich, and leave me the hell alone.