Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hurricane Gustav - the Wrath of God?

Sestak on DailyKos:

For months, all you heard was that the only chance for a Republican victory in November would be through an act of God. Conservative Evangelicals prayed for it to rain on Barack Obama's parade. They prayed that it would rain in Denver, Colorado on Thursday night when Barack Obama accepts the nomination to be the candidate of the Democratic Party for President of these United States. God didn't just refuse their selfish and misguided pleas; He struck them with a vengeance for their insolence.

As we speak, the planners of the Republican National Convention are holding emergency talks right now. I'm not kidding. Ya see, there's an anger brewing south of here. A storm of rage called "Gustav" with his one eye set upon the Gulf of Mexico, looking past the offshore oil rigs and towards the Gulf states. Does God want property and lives to be destroyed? No. Is God sending a message to those who dared to misuse His name? Perhaps.

(And lest I be misunderstood, let me make this crystal clear. I don't want this hurricane to hit land anywhere. I do not, for the love of God, want another Katrina-esque situation in New Orleans or anywhere around the Gulf Coast. I'm just sharing one Kossack's perspective, that's all.)


Eric said...

Thanks for this perspective. It has always been abundantly apparent to me that God does not belong exclusively to the right-wing extremists.

Anonymous said...

Even hoping for a hurricane to hit just to disrupt the GOP convention is sad and pathetic. It's sad when the fundamentalist hope for it or think they can control the weather, and it's sad when Leftist hope for the same thing.