Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Sox 1, Rockies 0

Things to remember:
  • It's a seven-game series. Winning by twelve runs does not give you an automatic lead in any of the next six games.
  • If they were going to lose, it was going to happen against Beckett.
  • The Rockies hadn't played a live baseball team for eight days. Now they have, and they've got their blood flowing again. Scrimmages and practice sessions are no substitute for the real thing.
  • They got embarrassed last night. This is the most important thing to me. Last night left them bruised, battered, and embarrassed. A team in that condition is a dangerous team to face.
The Rockies hadn't lost in over five weeks before last night's debacle. Now they remember what it feels like to lose. They also might be remembering that feeling of ... well, failure. The Colorado Rockies have been also-rans since their inaugural season in 1995. Now that they got spanked in their first World Series game, pundits and commentators all around the country are questioning whether they even deserve to be there. (This came out before game 1, but here's a particularly noxious column savaging the Rockies.) So they've got something to prove - again, that only makes them a more dangerous team.

The Red Sox are feeling proud, cocky, confident. The Rockies are feeling angry, humiliated, and hungry for revenge.

Advantage: Rockies.

Let's see if they can bounce back tonight and make it a series.

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Doc said...

Sorry Sky-

If it's any consolation, I, at least, was impressed with the Rockies' series, and they certainly have a lot to be proud of.

It should tell you something that 87% of the televisions that were on in the Boston area late at night were tuned to the game, and everyone that I've talked to watched right through to the last pitch. So in spite of the fact that we're cocky and confident now about our cocky and confident Sox ... we weren't until it was over.

But your guys took the pennant, and they'll get another shot.

They kept me on the edge of MY seat and I'm sure they did the same for many others.