Friday, June 16, 2006

The Freaks of Father's Day

"None of us at-home fathers go into it in order to be some sort of social role model... We don't deserve medals. At least not for that. If anything, the correct response from people would be a completely neutral one. But we do have to put up with some shit from the less enlightened crowd, and face some additional obstacles in a mom-centric world. For that, a pat on the back once in a while can be nice, but is not required."

Just in time for Father's Day, there's a fun and insightful article up at highlighting the plight of stay-at-home dads. (Yes, that's right, I said "plight." It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done, but sometimes, friends, it's damn hard. And frustrating. And solitary.) Anyway, go read the article.

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Jeremy Adam Smith said...

Hi. This is Jeremy Smith, author of the article in question. I just found your blog. I like it. I'm also struck by the parallels in our respective experiences.