Friday, April 07, 2006

How I Can Tell When My Wife's Tired

(Context: My wife is the sort of person who reaches back, way back, to get the newest container of milk with the most distant expiration date. Expiration dates are law for her. If a date has passed, it's over: throw away whatever it was. My instinct is always to say, "but it still smells good!" But forget it. It's over. It's expired.)

This morning, my wife pulled her sandwich from yesterday's lunch out of her work bag. It was ham and cheese that had been sitting at room temperature all night.

Waving the sandwich at me, she asked, "Do you think this is still good?"

Mrs. B needs a vacation. Fortunately, she has all of next week off. Hopefully she'll be back to her food-mistrusting ways by then.

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